Sports betting systems: the minimum odds system 1.80

As you can imagine, this betting system consists of making bets with odds around 1.80 . We said “around” because we should not always bet with odds of 1.80, the important thing is that the long-term average odds is 1.80, therefore bets can also be made with odds of 1.75 or 1.85, etc.

There are 3 variants of this system, depending on the type of risk behavior we have: risk neutral, risk loving and risk averse.

However, today we also want to talk to you about another variant , which according to us is the safest.

So, now we are going to see some examples to better understand how this sports betting system works. Let’s assume that we have a budget of €80 and that we bet 2 times a week for a total of 8 bets per month . That said, what should we do to bet with the method with minimum odds 1.80 ? Read on how to make this progression successfully.
Method 1: always bet on the same

This betting progression is the easiest to make , in fact it is the perfect strategy if you are not an expert in sports betting. In 안전놀이터 , this method consists of always betting the same initial amount , win or lose.


Bet 1 : €10 x 1.80 = €18 WON

Bet 2 : €10 x 1.80 = €18 LOST

Bet 3 : €10 x 1.80 = €18 WON

Bet 4 : €10 x 1.80 = €18 WON

Bet 5: €10 x 1.80 = €18 WON

Bet 6 : €10 x 1.80 = €18 LOST

Bet 7 : €10 x 1.80 = €18 LOST

Bet 8 : €10 x 1.80 = €18 WON

As you can see, it is enough to win 5 bets out of 8 to have a positive balance: €5×18 = €90 against an investment of €80. This strategy is very sustainable in the long term because, according to statistics, events with odds of 1.80 occur in 55% of cases.

The only defect of this first method is that the gains are very small, therefore it is necessary to follow this progression for a long time to obtain good results.

Sports betting systems: the minimum odds system 1.80

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