Methods and strategies to succeed in sports betting

There is no doubt that we all like to watch a good game of our favorite sport. 안전놀이터 and pride when our favorite team plays and also having the joy of enjoying the moment with our friends and a good meal, very few things can compare. And if you are one of those who like to make sports bets, you know that this emotion rises to the maximum.

However, in this type of betting, you must first carry out an exhaustive analysis to know which team to bet on, for this reason we bring you some methods and strategies so that you feel like an expert in sports and in the world of betting, and so on. you can bet at your favorite bookmaker, or if you do not have a bookmaker or want to change it, you can compare , one of the best information pages in the world, the best sites in the world and choose the best one for you .

The Kelly Method

This mathematical formula tells you how much of the money set aside for betting is the most optimal to bet on a certain team:

(bp – q)/b = f

Although the formula appears very simple, the terms it contains must be examined very carefully:

b refers to the odds in decimals that a bet has available minus 1.

p refers to the odds we have of winning.

q refers to the chances we have of losing.

f refers to the fraction of the budget that you should spend on the bet.

So, for example, we have a decimal probability of 3.0, a probability of winning of 65% and 35%: (2*(0.65) –0.35) 2 = 0.48, so this formula would tell you to bet 48% of your budget .

The disadvantage of this method is that we do not know for sure our chances of winning and losing, so the data we put in could be wrong and the results could not be what we were expecting.

Over/Under Bets

This strategy is based on predicting the total number of points (goals, sets, etc.) of the match above or below a previously agreed fixed value. Let’s take an example: If we place a bet on a football match at less than 1.5, then we will win if the match ends (0-0), (0-1) and (1-0), with 1 being the maximum goals that can be scored in the match. On the other hand, if we place a bet on more than 1.5 goals, then we will win the bet if the match ends with 2 goals or more in total.

draw strategy

This is one of the best strategies that we can choose if we want to bet on soccer since it is the sport where draws occur most frequently, especially knowing that professional soccer returns with the Super League , so if you are one of those who like to bet on this sport, you cannot miss this opportunity. This type of betting is different from the traditional one since a winning team and a losing team are not thought of, but that does not mean that they are not more profitable and beneficial than normal bets.

last goal strategy

This strategy can be followed by those who never lose a second of the game live and think they know how the game is going to end, because they can bet the last minutes of the game. It is advisable to use this strategy not when the game is tied in the last minutes, but when a team has a one-goal lead.

value bets

If you want to feel like a professional in betting, then you should consider doing this strategy, because this type of bet is done by professionals because they know that in the long term it is the best strategy. Value bets are when the odds are being paid above the probability that the bet will pass.

In order to make this type of bet successful, a well-developed analysis of the match must be made, both of the games won and lost by the teams and the players: their injuries, points, defense and attack per match; in order to have a very approximate idea of ​​the real probability that a team has of winning or losing a game against another team. Having the real probability, we can see the odds in the bookmakers and know if there are value bets or not.

As we can see, we can follow methods and strategies to be able to hit a little more in the bets. However, to be able to use them we have to be aware of many statistics, news and matches to be able to make a good decision if we choose to bet on a team. So it is important to stay up to date in the passionate world of sports.

As for example, you must already know the rumors of Messi leaving Barcelona , ​​so it is important to be up to date with this news since it can change the rhythm of football for a long time.

Methods and strategies to succeed in sports betting

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